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  • We Are In This To Win – Now Or Long Term!

    On December 16, 2016 the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) released their Tier 1 Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to straighten the tracks of the Northeast Corridor over the next several decades. Charlestown lies in the “Old Saybrook to Kenyon Bypass” section of the plan. At this stage this is a plan, not an action, but the line they have drawn through Charlestown, Westerly, and Old Saybrook area of Connecticut becomes harder to move as time goes on, so community action and involvement now is important.

    We will use this page to share information on this project as it develops and announce any public meetings or actions.

  • What: Attend a Rally to protect and support our Parks and Hiking Trails, Narragansett Tribal land, Historic Neighborhoods, Active Farms, your home, and more
    Where: Inside the Rotunda of the State House in Providence
    When: 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 25
    How: Get on the bus with us! – Meet at Charlestown Town hall at 2:00 p.m.
    RSVP: Please read the whole post, you have to reserve a seat on bus. Even if you drive yourself, there are rules for signs at statehouse, and more in this post that you will need to know.
    Yes: It’s more important to attend the Rally than traveling to Springfield for FRA “open house”!

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    Full Information For – Rally at State House – “Drop the Bypass”
  • You can read the Tier 1 Final EIS at the NECFuture website

  • For the federal officials and Governor you can send emails or make telephone calls. The links below will take you to pages with information on both options.

    United States Senators
    Jack Reed – https://www.reed.senate.gov/contact/email
    Sheldon Whitehouse – https://www.whitehouse.senate.gov/contact/email-sheldon

    United States Representative
    Jim Langevin – https://langevin.house.gov/contact-me/email-me

    Governor Gina Raimondo

    State Senators
    Dennis Algiere – sen-algiere@rilin.state.ri.us
    Elaine Morgan – ElaineForSenate@aol.com

    State Representative
    Blake Filippi – BlakeFilippi@blake36.com

    Please use this email for questions on this topic to members of the Town Council:

  • Join one or both of our email lists at http://charlestowncitizens.org/elist/

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    Join the Facebook Group formed to oppose the Railroad Rerouting

    SECoast is a Group in Connecticut fighting the proposal.

  • Comments should be submitted to NEC FUTURE team by email or post:
    email: info@necfuture.com

    Postal mail:

    U.S. DOT Federal Railroad Administration
    One Bowling Green, Suite 429
    New York, NY 10004

  • Follow these simple steps:

    1. Send an email to the Federal Railroad Administration. Here is the email address: info@necfuture.com
    1. In the Subject line include something like this: “Extend the Deadline & Drop the Kenyon to Old Saybrook Bypass” (you can cut and paste, but it never hurts to personalize these things)
    1. Yes, a brilliant argument helps, but so does the sheer volume of comments. If you want a brilliant comment, that will come in January, but for now, don’t worry, keep it simple. Just cut and paste in this message:

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I am writing to oppose the inclusion of the Kenyon to Old Saybrook Bypass in NEC Future planning. I am also writing to object to the limited notice, and opportunity to comment on the plan. I first learned about plans for a Kenyon to Old Saybrook Bypass on ADD DATE OF WHEN YOU LEARNED OF BYPASS HERE.

    It is clear, that the Federal Railroad Administration has failed to demonstrate to the public a compelling need for a Kenyon to Old Saybrook Bypass. There is also mounting evidence that the Federal Railroad Administration failed to comply with either the spirit or the letter of the law, by selecting the Kenyon to Old Saybrook Bypass as part of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (F-EIS) prior to public comment, on or before, November 15, 2015.

    To be clear, the Kenyon to Old Saybrook Bypass poses intolerable and unsustainable impacts to the dense historic and environmental resources which define both Southeastern Connecticut and Southwestern Rhode Island.

    Given the importance of the Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (P-EIS) for the future of the Northeast Corridor, a 60-day extension of the deadline for public comment from January 31, 2017 to April 1, 2017, is not only in the public interest, but has clear precedent. Indeed, a similar extension was granted to review much less extensive plans for the “All Aboard Florida” high speed rail planning initiative in Florida. The Federal Railroad Administration has enjoyed flexible deadlines throughout the planning process, surely, the public deserves an equivalent opportunity to provide informed and meaningful comment before this critical document is finalized.


    1. Now that you have cut-and-pasted, feel free to personalize it, just make sure you have added the date as instructed above. That date is important for the public record. Now sign and send. You can also mail your comment by post to:
      U.S. DOT Federal Railroad Administration
      One Bowling Green, Suite 429
      New York, NY 10004
  • Charlestown resident Kevin Tanner has set up a petition at MoveOn.org to let State and Federal officials know there is local opposition to the proposed railway path in Charlestown. The petition already has over 1000 signatures.

    You can go to the petition and read all about it by clicking on the button below.

    Sign The Petition

    Moveon.org has its own political point of view, but the content of the petition is that of the person who sets it up. If you sign the petition, you’ll get an email confirming and suggesting you invite your friends to sign. You’ll then get an email from moveon.org. You can unsubscribe from the moveon.org list if you want by going to the bottom of the email and click on the link to remove yourself.

  • Please feel free to download and use maps and other images of the Charlestown area that you find at the Charlestown Citizens Alliance website on the Railroad issue, but also please credit the Charlestown Citizens Alliance and provide a link to http://charlestowncitizens.org/ where possible. All maps, except the map captioned “EIS Map Showing Path Through Westerly and Charlestown”, were created by CCA volunteers. The data sources are Town of Charlestown GIS data and URI Environmental Data Center. Questions on this policy and any other issue should be directed to mail@charlestowncitizens.org

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Train Route Through Charlestown

Amos Greene Farm in Train's Path

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