Charlestown Citizens Alliance - November 6, 2016


Bring this Ballot to the Polls

On election day, mark your ballot with these Independent candidates to protect our quality of life, our low tax rate, and our beautiful environment.


We also urge your support of Ballot Questions 6, 8, and 9, which have a direct impact on Charlestown.


State Question 6, the “Green Economy Bond,” will make State matching funds available to Charlestown for open space and farmland preservation, recreation, and bike paths.

Local Question 8 will allow more time and maximum voter input to make financial decisions and end the fast-track vote on bonding. This Charter amendment would require that any citizen’s financial petition that involves bonding authorization (one which imposes a long-term future tax increase), be submitted to town voters at a general election rather than the June Financial Town Meeting. This will allow time for prior due diligence, public input, and the largest possible voter awareness and participation.

• Only changes the date of the referendum to the November General Election for those citizen proposals that require bonding and long term tax increases.

• Increases the time to study the proposal and advertise the election from one month to at least six months.

• Increases voter participation from a few hundred voters to more than 3000 voters.

• Allows time for absentee ballots (mail ballots).

Passage of Local Question 9, the “Reaching Youth through Support and Education” School Building Project, will provide the three Chariho towns with a $5.2 million building for $2.03 million, through a state subsidy. This new permanent structure would provide state-of-the-art facilities to replace derelict trailers. Rejection of the question would require renewal of the rental contract for trailers and would cost as much over time as the new building without providing adequate facilities.

Thank you for voting!


For more about the November 8 election visit our Election Page


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