Help Stop the Steep Slopes Bill

Please consider copying and pasting the message below or a similar message to our State Representatives and Senators. An explanation and emails for our State Representatives and Senators follows the sample message.

Dear ,
I am your constituent, and I’m asking you to oppose the “Steep Slopes Bill” S544 and H5703.

These bills override local zoning and limit the ability of local governments to protect sensitive groundwater supplies and wetlands. Even with amendments this is bad legislation. It forces our town to increase the density of new development in areas that were zoned for low density development because WE WANT TO PROTECT reservoirs, groundwater and wetlands.

The state spent 3 years and tax dollars to develop the State Land Use Guide Plan that designates urban areas for denser development where water and sewer infrastructure exists. This State Plan guides new development away from rural areas with wetlands and groundwater supplies that need to be protected. It will contribute to eroding soil into our wetlands, streams and ponds.

I urge you to protect our water and save costs to towns from denser development by opposing this legislation. Please ask your leaders (House Speaker Fox, Senate President Paiva Weed) to stop this damaging legislation.

Thank you,

Linked below is a fact sheet regarding House bill 5703/Senate bill 544 – known as the steep slopes bill. This bill is on the fast track towards passage in committee and in each branch of the legislature. The fact sheet also includes information about the wetlands setback bill that we also oppose, but it is the steep slopes bill that is up for a vote tomorrow. Tuesday, May 14th the House will again try to pass this bad bill for the environment.   That means, even if your town or city wants certain zoning requirements…the legislature is about to take that right away from you.

E-mail your Senator and Representative and tell them to oppose these bills.

State Representatives
Donna Walsh –
Larry Valencia –

State Senators
Dennis Algiere –
Catherine Rumsey –

Fact Sheet for Steep Slopes and Wetland Setback Bills
The fact sheet was provided by a member of the Burrillville Land Trust.