Solarize Charlestown

  • Solar_panels_on_house_roofThe Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources and Commerce RI have selected Charlestown to participate in a program to make solar energy more affordable to residents and small businesses, and to simplify the process of finding a contractor and installing solar panels for personal electric generation.

    Solarize Charlestown will bring residents together as a group to negotiate the lowest cost and easiest deal possible on solar panels for their roof or yard. The sign-up period begins on June 7 and ends on September 8. This limited time period allows a bulk purchase of solar panels, so that the more people who sign up the less expensive it will be for each household.

  • Julie Carroccia (Town Council Vice President) and Ruth Platner (Planning Commission Chair) wrote the application to allow Charlestown to qualify for the program. Charlestown resident Jeff Rayner serves as the “Solar Ambassador” with assistance from Stephen Stokes. Nancy Mogielnicki has also joined our team as a Solar Ambassador. Julie, Ruth, Jeff, Nancy, and Stephen are working to reach out to homeowners and businesses to explain the program.

    Solarize is a program of the State of Rhode Island. CCA’s only role in this project is to provide communication resources to Jeff, Julie, Stephen, and Ruth as we do with many other organizations and efforts in Charlestown.

  • On June 7, Sol Power was named the solar installation provider for the Solarize Charlestown campaign.

    That selection was the culmination of a competitive RFP process which began with a large group of qualified providers, and finally with a very small group of highly qualified companies. According to the Solarize Team, any of the finalists would have been great choices for Charlestown. What really set Sol Power apart for the team was their strong connection to Charlestown. Tyler Mason, the company Vice President and head installer, is a resident of Charlestown. Also of importance to the review team was that Sol Power is employee owned. As owners, the work force has a stake in the company and a strong incentive to do good work. Sol Power also offered the most affordable price.

    The average price per watt for solar panel installation in Rhode Island is $3.89, but Sol Power offered a shared price model in three tiers: Tier one was $3.14 per watt for one to 12 installations; tier two was $3.04 per watt for 13 to 25 installations; and tier three was $2.94 per watt for 25 or more installations.

  • You can now sign up to have your home assessed for solar under the Solarize Charlestown program at the state Solarize RI website and they will send your contact information to Sol Power.

    Visit Solarize RI to Request a Solar Assessment
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  • In Charlestown the process to permit solar panels for residential or small business use is fairly simple. Solar panels require a Building Permit for the structural portion and an Electrical Permit for the wiring. They are considered a part of the structure they are secured to or an accessory structure if detached.

    If roof mounted, the Building Department needs verification that the existing roof is designed for the added loads. For an accessory panel system a site plan is required to verify the structure meets the setbacks. Both systems require a wiring schematic and certification that they are designed to meet the wind loads.

    Sol Power will get all your permits for your solar project, but you can contact the Charlestown Building Department with any questions related to building permits if you like. Charlestown Building Department office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Telephone: 401-364-1215

  • We will add other dates for meetings or events as they become available.

    Solarize Charlestown ScheduleTimeline
    Kick-off the 2017 Solarize RI ProgramWednesday, June 7, 2017, 2:00 – 3:00PM
    Where: Ninigret Park, Senior Center
    Customer Sign-Up Period BeginsWednesday, June 07, 2017
    Look for Solarize Charlestown at the Charlestown Land Trust Farmers Market on the grounds of the Church of the Holy Spirit, 4150 Old Post Rd.Every Friday morning 9:30 am to 1 pm
    June 23rd to September 1st
    Solar 101
    Learn all about the Solarize program and meet the people from Sol Power, the official contractor selected for the Charlestown Solarize program.
    Tuesday, June 27 at 6:30 p.m.
    Cross Mills Library, 4417 Old Post Rd, Charlestown
    Live Solar Installation
    You are invited to drop by anytime on Monday and the Sol Power crew will be on site to answer questions and display the installation process and hardware.
    Monday, July 17 all day (8am to 5pm)
    314 Tockwotten Cove Road, Charlestown
    Read post for more information
    Open House
    Meet our solar ambassador, Nancy Mogielnicki and tour her solar home. A technical expert from Sol Power, Charlestown’s chosen solar installer, will be on hand to answer your questions
    Saturday, July 22, 9am-12pm
    26 Dowd Dr., Charlestown
    Read our post for full details.
    Community Event
    Learn all about the Solarize program and meet the people from Sol Power
    Tuesday, August 1 at 6:30 p.m.
    Charlestown Town Hall
    Customer Sign-Up Period EndsFriday, September 8, 2017

Solarize is a program of the State of Rhode Island. CCA’s only role in this project is to provide communication resources to the Charlestown Solarize Team as we do with many other organizations and efforts in Charlestown.

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