Steering Committee

The Steering Committee names are here at our website, and have appeared on our e-mail list and in local newspaper articles.

The Steering Committee members as of January 2018 are Joseph Quadrato, Dr. Milton Krantz, Leo Mainelli, Tom Gentz, Virginia Wootten, Bernice Krantz, Cliff Vanover, the Reverend Jan Vickery Knost, Dan Slattery, and Kate Waterman.

John Goodman, and Ruth Platner are not currently full members of the Steering Committee. They cannot vote on decisions, but they provide input to the Steering Committee on many issues.

Ruth Platner provides technical support for web based applications.

Membership in the steering committee changes over time so you may need to read this page from time to time to find the current membership.

The officers in 2018 are President Kate Waterman and Treasurer Cliff Vanover. CCA has officers as required by state election law, but all voting members of the steering committee have an equal vote.