About CCA

1. Civility in government: Debate is guided by respect for differing opinions in arriving at a position on the issues.

2. Inclusiveness: CCA works to represent the population in its entirety, and guards against the domination by special interests.

3. Consensus: CCA is represented by a broad-based field of candidates, but works to articulate its position on the issues through common values and consensus among them.

4. Community welfare: CCA is committed to safeguarding community values through responsible development consistent with Charlestown’s Comprehensive Plan, and its respect for our environmental assets.

5. Fiscal responsibility: CCA favors fair and equitable taxation, and is vigilant to maintain Charlestown’s enviable reputation for coupling low property taxes with sound and responsible municipal government.

6. Full disclosure: CCA informs the public of the rationale behind its position on the issues through postings on its website www.charlestowncitizens.org

7. Provide background information on issues: CCA provides informed background information, pro and con, on the issues.

8. Preservation of the natural resources: CCA is mindful of the natural resources in Charlestown, economically, culturally and physically.