Learn For The Joy Of It At OLLI

What Would You Like To Learn? – OLLI at URI may be just the place

Like deciding to take in a sunset at the beach or getting a pizza in town or attending a play, a lot of us will conclude it’s time to scratch a learning itch this Fall. The chances are good if you are 50 or older that The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at The University of Rhode Island (OLLI) in Kingston has something for you. OLLI (http://web.uri.edu/olli/) has courses and events year round with the next semester beginning in early September 2017. The Institute is specifically created for mature people whose broad life experience and curiosity is valued and engaged. In maturity, we learn because we want to not because we have to. It’s a great opportunity to make acquaintances who have similar interests. If you just want to come and go quietly that is, of course, fine as well. Registration opens on August 22!

Learn to play a musical instrument at OLLI

Maybe you are a practical learner. Opportunities abound. Foreign Languages; Watercolor and Oil Painting;; and Technology are a few areas of specific skills.

Are you into the Arts? This Fall OLLI offers The Nineteenth Century in Literature; Songs from Shakespeare; The Handmaid’s Tale; Musicals: Past and Present; Painting Through the Impressionists; and much more.

Like history? Discovering Historic New England; The Constitution of The United States; A History of the Byzantine Empire are courses offered.

Perhaps you want to tap into Science. Chaos and Fractals: Beyond the Butterfly; and From Earth, Air, Fire and Water to The Higgs Boson could be of interest.

OLLI offers trips too. They usually fill up so being nimble is key! This year it’s Tanglewood for music; Ireland and Portugal for international travel; New York City for metro culture.

The OLLI Walking Group

Then there are Special Interest Groups. Among these are Book Groups; Bridge; Great Decisions: Foreign Policy Discussion; Poetry Group; Walking Group; Wonder, Wisdom, and Worship; and Writers Group.

The OLLI faculty is wonderful. Some are retired University Professors; some accomplished practitioners in their field; others are gifted amateurs whose love and pursuit of knowledge has led them to share eagerly with others. Learning is different for mature people. All of the OLLI Faculty recognize this which is so clearly evident in their classes. If you were your class valedictorian you’ll love them. If you weren’t you may feel like you were when you finish an OLLI course. Learning was never this much fun! Or satisfying. Throughout the year some 170 courses and events are available.

OLLI is wonderfully affordable. A year’s membership is $65. Courses run from $10-$55 and range from 1 time events to multiple classes over 6 weeks. Rooms are handicapped accessible.

Remaining to mention is the outstanding leadership of OLLI by Executive Director Beth Leconte, Membership Director Roberta Palmer, and Operations Manager Kristen Frady. They are complimented by an avid group of office volunteers and Committee volunteers who oversee things like Curriculum Development and Special Interests. This Osher Institute (OLLI) is recognized as one of the fastest growing in the nation. Each State has at least one OLLI hosted by a University.

A friendly and helpful greeting awaits you at The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute located at 210 Flagg Road, Room 212 Kingston, RI 02881; email: olli@etal.uri.edu; Phone (401) 874-4197.

Visit the OLLI home page for more information and catalog of full offerings: http://web.uri.edu/olli/.

Depending on where you live in Charlesotown, OLLI is just 15  to 30 minutes away.

The banner image in this post is a photo of just some of the OLLI faculty and presenters. You can learn more about teaching for OLLI at the OLLI website.