CCA 2014 Platform for Charlestown

The Charlestown Citizens Alliance* (CCA) is committed to enhancing the overall quality of life for all Charlestown residents. We believe that sound fiscal management, responsible economic development, wise stewardship of our natural resources, and accountable and ethical leadership are essential to sustaining the vitality of our town. To accomplish this, CCA has endorsed candidates committed to the following goals:

Fiscal Responsibility
CCA-endorsed candidates are committed to keeping our tax rate as one of the lowest in the state. At a time when financial resources are limited, we will promote an entrepreneurial spirit through town leadership and management to capture funds that will support fiscal projects and activities that fit with the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.

Responsible Development
CCA realizes that growth and development are linked to our town’s overall vitality. We value the strong connection between protection of our natural resources and our low tax rate. Accordingly, CCA-endorsed candidates will support economic opportunities that promote a vibrant community, preserve the landscapes we love, are cost-effective to taxpayers, and are environmentally sustainable over time.

Preservation of Our Natural Environment
CCA-endorsed candidates recognize the important relationship between our environment, our quality of life, and our natural resource based economy. We will work collaboratively with town residents, businesses, and local, state and federal agencies to protect and sustain our natural resources and rural character.

Local Control Over Land Use
CCA-endorsed candidates are committed to opposing state legislative and administrative initiatives that threaten to remove local control over Planning, Zoning, and the protection of Charlestown’s environment and community character.

Accountable and Ethical Leadership
CCA-endorsed candidates are committed to town governance that is open, honest and responsible. All deliberations will be conducted in a forum characterized by civility and mutual respect.

Positive Educational Leadership
CCA-endorsed School Committee candidates support the Chariho administration in its efforts to provide students with a high quality education while also promoting sound fiscal management and positive personal responsibility. They will continue to foster the high ranking of the Chariho district and its accomplishments.

Continue to Oppose Any Type of Gaming Halls, Including Casinos
CCA-endorsed candidates will support the federal laws and the Supreme Court decision that prevent a casino or other unregulated development on tribal lands. Along with that effort comes the responsibility to treat the Narragansett Tribe as we wish to be treated. CCA candidates pledge to assure enforcement of existing zoning and oppose intense or other inappropriate land use near tribal land.

*CCA is not affiliated with any political party. We are made up of Democrats, Republicans, Moderates, and Independents. What we share in common is a dedication to civil and open government, and a passion for preserving and protecting those assets that make Charlestown such a unique and treasured place to live.