The Charlestown Citizens Alliance is seeking candidates it can support for election to the Charlestown Town Council, the Charlestown Planning Commission, and the Chariho School Committee. We need your participation to help keep our town a vibrant community and the best kept secret in Rhode Island. Please consider being one of our nominees.

  • The Town Council appoints members of the community to nine commissions that serve as advisory groups to the Council, and acts on their advisories to enact local legislation to promote the health, safety, and welfare of our community. The Council also hires the staff necessary to achieve these goals, and sets policy that regulates development and the tax rate.
  • The Planning Commission helps to shape the landscape and character of the town, now and into the future, by guiding and regulating development. During the next two years the town will be working on the state mandated rewrite of its Comprehensive Plan – the document that serves as a template for both preservation and development in the town. Revision of the Comprehensive Plan will be a major effort of the Planning Commission during this time
  • Education is critical to our future. The Chariho School Committee consists of representatives of the three towns in the regional district.  It makes decisions that impact the quality of our children’s education, and their later opportunities in life.

How all these different goals are balanced will be greatly influenced by the individuals who sit on the Town Council, the various individuals the Council chooses to appoint to the town committees, and those elected by the public to serve on the Planning Commission, and Chariho School Committee.  We urge you to join us in this effort to provide the environment that best nurtures the quality of life in Charlestown.

CCA is not affiliated with any political party. We are made up of Democrats, Republicans, Moderates, and Independents. What we share in common is a dedication to civil and open government, and a passion for preserving and protecting those assets that make Charlestown such a unique and treasured place to live.

CCA will support candidates of any party affiliation or Independents who embrace our principles. If you are thinking of serving, we can help you run for office and will do the fund raising and publications needed for the election campaign. Or if you know potential candidates who share our principles, please recommend them to us. The deadline to declare for office is June 25. Please let us know if you are willing to serve by responding to this email and we will get back to you

You must be registered to vote in Charlestown before May 25 if you plan to be a candidate on the November ballot.

Virginia Wootten,
President, Charlestown Citizens Alliance