Letter from Gentz to Chafee

Governor Chafee’s stance on Charlestown casino welcome

Dear Governor Chafee: It was wonderful to see you at the Washington County Regional Planning Council dinner last week. As Charlestown council president, I was particularly heartened to hear that you agree that a casino in Charlestown is a bad idea. I know that we can count on your support to do everything possible to prevent that from happening. As you are aware, under state law, the town itself has the right to (and of course would) vote to reject any and all casino proposals. Under federal law, the town and state recently won a decade-long legal case to prevent any federal trust land anywhere in the state. If the Narragansett Tribe somehow passed the so-called “Carcieri fix” into law, however, the tribe could argue that it is entitled to a federalized casino somewhere — especially if you supported the proposal.

The town is confident that so long as you continue to oppose the so-called “Carcieri fix” and any casino in Charlestown, regardless of whether such legislation is passed, our residents will be able to sleep at night knowing that an enterprise that would drastically change our way of life for the worse has no chance of happening on your watch.

Thank you again for your support for the residents of Charlestown, and indeed all South County on this vitally important issue.

Thomas B. Gentz Charlestown