Tax Impact Calculator

Our Cost of Development Calculator allows you to estimate the financial impact of a proposed development. You can plug the results of that calculation into the calculator on this page to estimate the projected property tax rate created by additional spending. (the calculator may not work in all browsers*)

S = Spending or financial impact on municipal budget(in whole dollars). This could be in the form of altered expenses for municipal services OR financial impact of private development, reflecting the difference between associated costs incurred and new revenue generated via property taxes (to calculate financial impact, see Cost of Development Calculator)
T = Charlestown’s Current Tax Rate
B = Charlestown’s Current Budget (in whole dollars)

You can use the default values, or enter your own numbers in the text box below. The value of S (spending or financial impact) will change for each calculation. You can enter the result provided by the Cost of Development Calculator or enter some other proposed spending for the value of S. Do not use negative numbers or commas in numbers and type carefully. If you have trouble, reload the page and start over. Click on the button labeled “Count” to calculate the tax impact of development or spending.

The result above is the projected tax rate.
This is multiplied by each thousand dollars of assessed value to determine your tax bill. If this is a spending impact from a new subdivision, then this tax rate impact is permanent. If this is an increase from one time spending, then this is a one year increase in the tax rate. Similarly, if the spending impact is the result of a reduction in municipal services, the tax rate impact continues for the duration of the change in services. If the spending impact derives from a one time increase in revenues, the reduction in tax rate applies for only one year.

What are our assumptions?

Charlestown’s Current Tax Rate
Charlestown’s current tax rate is $9.06 per each thousand dollars of assessed value.

Charlestown’s Current Budget
Charlestown’s total budget is made up of municipal spending on things like road maintenance, police, and other employees, and payments to the Chariho regional school system.
Charlestown’s total budget for 2011-2012 is $25,604,847.00

*Browser compatibility – we’ve had reports that our calculator does not work in some versions of Safari. It does work in Firefox, IE, and Chrome.