Steering Committee Message Copy

Who is CAA? You are CCA!

We like to think that CCA is all the different people and points of view that make up our e-mail list of well over 1000 e-mail addresses. Through this web site and the e-mail list we have done our best to engage everyone with a stake in Charlestown in a lively debate about the present and future of this beautiful place we call home. Those with a stake in Charlestown include year round residents, summer residents, and those who might visit once a year for a short vacation and love every minute they are in Charlestown.

This web site was the result of our first survey of e-mail list members. We asked you what the important issues were in Charlestown and your responses shaped the topics we chose and the content of the site. We continue to survey e-mail members on important topics to find out what you think.

The people of Charlestown should not be represented by the two or three developers who are always in town hall influencing decisions, or by the half dozen people who may show up at a Town Council meeting, or by the unnamed people who the Town Council claim have telephoned them with concerns. All the people of Charlestown need to have a voice in their own government. Town government should encourage communication on the issues, both to and from the citizens, but that is not currently the case.

CCA has conducted 5 surveys in the last two years, the last comprehensive town wide survey the town government did was in December 1990. Either government decisions should be guided by the results of that 1990 survey or new surveys should be conducted.

In Charlestown we need to create a government that serves the people. We don’t have that yet and until we do, a group like CCA is needed to create a town meeting where anyone can speak, for as long as they choose, on any topic they want. We hope you’ll all keep listening and speaking.


Charlestown Citizens Alliance Steering Committee