Issues CCA is Working on

We’ve divided our public policy issues into seven different topics, but they are anything but separate.

Our tax rate is affected by development, by unregulated high stakes gambling, and even by loss of natural resources and agriculture. Stable tax rates certainly depend on good government where decisions are made with transparency and in the interest of the entire community.

Developing a casino or other high stakes gambling facility in Charlestown is certain to have a corrupting influence on local government. We will risk losing good government if we get a casino, but it also takes good government to keep a casino out of Charlestown.

Our local government is partly funded by taxes, but it is run by volunteers. In order to promote good government in Charlestown we need to respect and honor community service.

And key to everything is finding and electing candidates who are committed to good government, to protecting our natural and cultural resources and tax rate. Elections may be the most important issue of all!

At the top of this page you’ll find links to more detailed discussion of all these issues. We’ll be expanding these discussions, especially the election coverage whenever we move close to an election day.

These are not all of Charlestown’s issues, we have not included the schools for example. That doesn’t mean that we think the schools are not an important issue, but as a volunteer organization we are limited a little by time and our own talents and expertise. Let us know if you think there are important issues that we are overlooking. Send us an email at and tell us which issues you think are most important. We love to hear from you.