Yes I Want To Be More Involved In Charlestown

Charlestown is a great community, rich in beauty and natural and historic resources, and we have one of the lowest property tax rates in Rhode Island. For Charlestown to continue as a wonderful place to live, we need an engaged community and volunteers who will work in the community’s interest.

Recent issues CCA responded to – all with volunteer help:

  • Just over 15 months ago Charlestown was faced with a Federal Railroad Administration plan that would have destroyed hundreds of acres of wildlife habitat, active farms, historic buildings, and taken residents’ homes and land.
  • More recently there was a plan to withdraw 15,000 to 724,320 gallons of water per day from our sole source aquifer in Charlestown and carry it by tanker trucks to Burrillville to cool the turbines of a power plant proposed in the forests of that town.

As soon as the Charlestown Citizens Alliance discovered these threats, we used our website, Facebook, and email list to alert the community. In these and many other examples it was our volunteer government and citizen volunteers who succeeded in protecting our beautiful town.

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