Where Will The Water Go? Learn More About The Invenergy Power Plant

When: Tuesday, November 21 at 7 p.m.
Where: Cross Mills Library
What: Invenergy plans to withdraw groundwater from Charlestown and carry it by tanker trucks to Burrillville where it will cool the turbines of the proposed gas and oil fueled power plant. You can learn all about the project that will use this water at this informational meeting.
Who: This event is sponsored by the Rhode Island Association of Conservation Commissions and the Burrillville Land Trust. Burrillville Land Trust President, Paul A. Roselli will lead the presentation and discussion.

The December 5 Public Hearing at the Charlestown Elementary School will be limited by the Energy Facility Siting Board (EFSB) to a discussion of the issue of water withdrawal from our aquifer and related environmental and transportation impacts.

The November 21 meeting at the Cross Mills Library is an opportunity to understand what is behind this demand on our groundwater, wetlands, and roads. It’s also a great opportunity to prepare for the December 5 Public Hearing. Burrillville citizens have been through many of these EFSB hearings and can provide useful advice on how to present questions and comments to the EFSB.

Charlestown was already connected to Burrillville through a corridor of open space that extends from the ocean in Charlestown to the Massachusetts border in Burrillville. Invenergy proposes to connect Charlestown and Burrillville with a caravan of tanker trucks carrying water from the Indian Cedar Swamp in Charlestown to cool the turbines of the power plant in Burrillville. In building the power plant and building infrastructure for withdrawing water the two communities will now be connected by the wildlife impacts of fragmenting forest habitat. At the November 21 meeting you’ll learn a lot more about the impacts of forest fragmentation.

Map to Cross’ Mills Library in Charlestown

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