What’s It Like With Tanker Trucks On Local Roads Every Day?

Thanks to residents of Burrillville who shared the two videos below of tanker trucks carrying water to an existing power plant in northern Rhode Island.

And below is a view of driving behind the water tanker truck.

Invenergy Thermal Development proposes to withdraw groundwater from the Indian Cedar Swamp in Charlestown and transport it by tanker trucks to Burrillville to cool the turbines of the natural gas and diesel power plant they are seeking to build in the forest in that town.

Which roads will they use? Invenergy isn’t saying, but routes out of the Indian Cedar Swamp could be any of the following:

  • Narragansett Trail (near the Francis Carter Preserve) to Kings Factory Road to Rt. 91 to Rt. 112 in Carolina and on to Richmond
  • Rt. 112 to Rt. 2 to Rt. 138
  • Kings Factory Road to Rt. 1 or Rt. 91
  • And other combinations of the above routes
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