Chariho’s South County Room A Great Destination For Lunch

What: Lunch at Chariho Career and Technical Center’s South County Room
When: Thursdays and Fridays at 11:15am to 12:15pm when school is in session
Cost: $6.00 or less per person

Charlestown Councilor Endorses South County Room Lunch

Bonnie Van Slyke and Tom Gentz

After attending the Superintendent’s open forum last week, Charlestown Town Councilor Bonnie Van Slyke decided to try out the Chariho Career and Technical Center’s South County Room for lunch on Friday, November 3. She and former Charlestown Town Councilor Tom Gentz were delighted with the food, service, and friendly atmosphere.

That afternoon, over 30 customers were treated to well presented plates of Caesar Salad, a choice of three pasta entrees, and tiramisu for dessert – all for $6.00 or less a person. Their waiter, E.J. Butler responded to questions about the bolognese, pesto, and pappardelle pasta entrees so the duo could make informed decisions.

Chariho Career and Technical Director Gerry Auth brought his five year-old son, Gavin, and his nanny, Kerrin Kubacki, a graduate of the Health Careers Program at the Center, to the luncheon. A member of the clean plate club, Gavin earned dessert!

The waiter introduced the chef, Sara Reilly, and fellow server Marissa Petrichko (all featured in the banner image of this post) to the councilors, and the chef responded to questions about the venue. The South County Room is open to the public on Thursdays and Fridays at 11:15am and offers free dessert through Thanksgiving.

The group said they vary the menu, but the councilors concluded that the delicious $6.00 lunches were not only a bargain but also an opportunity to socialize with each other and see Chariho students at work. Under staff supervision, the students plan the menus, cook, serve, clean up, and manage the administrative/business functions.

The chef reminded diners that the Chariho Culinary Arts students would host a special Thanksgiving Dinner for Senior Citizens on Wednesday, November 15, at 11:00am. The event is made possible through an award from Chariho’s Community 2000 Innovative Projects Fund. Reservations for that special dinner must be made by November 8, but reservations are not needed for the regular Thursday/Friday lunches.

Throughout the year, members of the community may take advantage of the opportunity to make last minute plans to treat a friend to a wonderful dining experience that also encourages the hard-working youth in our schools. The option is available without breaking the bank, so The South County Room is a gift that keeps on giving!