Solarize Charlestown Extended Until October 6

Sol Power, the RI Office of Energy Resources, and Smart Power have all agreed to extend the Solarize Charlestown program until October 6. The Solarize Charlestown Team* is very happy that these three groups are willing to keep working with Charlestown for one more month. Although getting the word out to Charlestown residents has involved some work, it has also been fun and we are looking forward to continuing for another month.

This gives anyone who didn’t make the September 8 deadline to commit to rooftop solar, one more month to make that decision.

It also means that anyone who just found out about the program will still have time to signup for a free solar assessment.

Tier 3 pricing, the most affordable level, was reached in September. We’ll stay at Tier 3 throughout this October extension. Tier 3 is $2.94 per watt, while the average price per watt for solar panel installation in Rhode Island is $3.89. Solarize Charlestown is clearly an opportunity for a lower cost, while the involvement of the Town and State helps to make the process transparent.

Please let your friends and neighbors know that Solarize Charlestown has been extended for another month!

* The Solarize Charlestown team consists of Julie Carroccia (Town Council Vice President), Ruth Platner (Planning Commission Chair) along with Charlestown homeowners Jeff Rayner, Stephen Stokes and Nancy Mogielnicki in coordination with the Town of Charlestown and the State of Rhode Island.

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