Tier 3 Pricing Reached for Solarize Charlestown

Last week we reached the third pricing tier for the Solarize Charlestown program! Everyone participating in the program will receive the third and final pricing tier, maximizing the Solarize community discount.

The average price per watt for solar panel installation in Rhode Island is $3.89, but for the Town and State sponsored Solarize program, Charlestown’s chosen installer, Sol Power, offered a shared price model in three tiers: Tier one was $3.14 per watt for one to 12 installations; tier two was $3.04 per watt for 13 to 25 installations; and tier three was $2.94 per watt for 25 or more installations.

You Can Still Visit Solarize RI to Request a Free Solar Assessment Visit Our Solarize Page For More On This Issue

The banner image in this post includes some members of the Charlestown Solarize Team and others at a solar open house.