Solarize Charlestown is a Great, but Limited Opportunity – Please Tell Your Neighbors

A version of the following letter was submitted to local newspapers and is shared with us here by the author Ruth Platner.

The volunteer Solarize Charlestown team* negotiated the lowest price for a home solar installation for Charlestown citizens when we selected the contractor for the Solarize Charlestown program.

The average price per watt for solar panel installation in Rhode Island is $3.89, but Charlestown’s contractor offered a shared price model in three tiers: Tier one was $3.14 per watt for one to 12 installations; tier two was $3.04 per watt for 13 to 25 installations; and tier three was $2.94 per watt for 25 or more installations. That low price combined with the state incentive and federal tax credits means you will actually make money from your solar panels. Even if one doesn’t care about the positive environmental impact, most people are happy to get a good return on their investment.

With an experienced installer, a great price, and oversight from RI’s Office of Energy Resources, this may be the best and easiest opportunity to install solar on your roof, but the opportunity will end on September 8.

Over 200 home owners have already requested free solar assessments under Solarize Charlestown, and we have no doubt that we will reach tier three. But Charlestown has thousands of homes, we believe if everyone understood the financial benefit, many more would opt for solar panels on their roofs.

Can you help spread the word to your neighbors? Share this post or any of the links below, tell them about the Open House on Saturday, or invite them to our next presentation on August 1st – details below:

Community Event: Solar Makes $ense
Tuesday, August 1st. 6:30pm to 8pm
Charlestown Town Hall in the Council Chambers

Join us for Solarize Charlestown’s second community event to learn more about the many incentives and credits that make solar affordable. Representatives from the town, state, and the solar panel installer will be available to answer your questions. The event is free and open to the public. For questions, please call Karen Stewart at 401-215-3285

* The Solarize Charlestown team consists of Julie Carroccia (Town Council Vice President), Ruth Platner (Planning Commission Chair) along with Charlestown homeowners Jeff Rayner, Stephen Stokes and Nancy Mogielnicki in coordination with the Town of Charlestown and the State of Rhode Island.

Visit Solarize RI to Request a Solar Assessment Visit Our Solarize Page For More On This Issue