Quonochontaug Historical Society: “The Last Battle of the Atlantic: The Sinking of U-853”

When: Thursday, July 13th, at 7:00 PM
Where: Kettle Pond Visitors Center, 50 Bend Road, Charlestown
What: The Quonochontaug Historical Society is hosting its first summertime program, “The Last Battle of the Atlantic: The Sinking of U-853” by Captain Bill Palmer. All are welcome! There is no charge for the event.

The sub was sunk just off the tip of Block Island during the war’s final days. U-853 lies 7 nautical miles (13km; 8.1 mi) east of Block Island in 130 feet (40 m) of water.

A noted presenter and lecturer, Captain Bill has been diving since the late 1960s and running dive charters since 1974. He also operates Thunderfish Productions which produces award-winning videos on East Coast shipwrecks and maritime subjects, especially disasters, His videos have appeared on numerous New England based cable channels.

Of particular interest is the story of the submarines USS Bass and U-853, which is detailed in his book “The Last Battle of the Atlantic: the Sinking of the U-853”.

The Quonochontaug Historical Society’s mission is to educate people about the unique history of the Quonchontaug (Charlestown) Rhode island area.