Learn About the State of Aquaculture in Rhode Island Salt Ponds

When: Thursday, June 29 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Where: Kettle Pond Visitor Center, 50 Bend Rd., directly off Route 1, Charlestown
What: An education program focused on the state of aquaculture in Rhode Island’s salt ponds. The program will feature experts who will provide different perspectives on this topic and will offer the community the opportunity to ask questions and share concerns about aquaculture.
RSVP:  RSVPs are requested by June 27 to cathy@crc.uri.edu.

“Summer is a great time for people—both year-round and seasonal residents, as well as other community members—to learn about the status of aquaculture at the salt ponds,” said Jennifer McCann, director of U.S. Coastal Programs at the University of Rhode Island Coastal Resources Center (CRC) and director of extension for Rhode Island Sea Grant (Sea Grant), at the URI Graduate School of Oceanography. “CRC and Sea Grant are pleased to facilitate this program for the public.”

The aquaculture industry has continued to grow in Rhode Island, with new products, gear and techniques being introduced,” said Grover J. Fugate, executive director of the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC). “As the state’s manager of aquaculture, the CRMC is responsible for balancing all uses of the ponds and coastal waters, including aquaculture, and it’s an arduous task. The CRMC knows, too, that it’s important for the public to be part of the process. This discussion will allow for experts to relay these exciting developments and for the public to be engaged and ask questions.

A central part of the Salt Pond Coalition’s mission is to provide information about the salt ponds to our members and to foster dialogue between salt pond stakeholders; this program hosted by CRC and Sea Grant will help us do both,” said Alicia Eichinger, the coalition’s executive director.

The event is part of the Rhode Island Shellfish Initiative.

Please contact Jennifer McCann at (401) 874-6127 or mccann@crc.uri.edu with questions or comments.