Kickoff Event for 3 Day North South Trail Hike Sunday 8AM at Blue Shutters Beach

North South Trail overall
From North South Trail Guide by Cliff Vanover

When: Sunday, June 4 at 8 a.m.
Where: Blue Shutters Beach
Why: Show support to the hikers and for their cause to protect Rhode Island’s forests from the Burrillville power plant and other inappropriate development
Who: The hikers will be joined at Blue Shutters by former Governor and US Senator Lincoln Chafee

Join the Hikers on Sunday morning, share coffee and donuts, and if you like, hike a segment of the trail. The North South Trail in Charlestown starts at Blue Shutters, passes through Burlingame, and ends on Rt. 91 at Meadow Brook Pond. From there it continues through Richmond’s Carolina Management Area and beyond.

It is traditional for North South Trail hikers to begin or end their hike at the ocean’s edge. But Sunday’s hike is more about symbolism than tradition.

Three hikers, all from Burrillville, will complete the full 78-mile journey and will be joined by others on various segments. The idea for the hike came from hike leader Sean Trinque. Sean said, “I wanted to do this hike to create awareness state wide about an issue that is dear to my heart. Growing up in Burrillville I spent years recreating in the forest around the proposed power plant. From biking/hiking on the trails to camping at the George Washington campground I learned how special this area of Rhode Island is, and how any loss of its natural habitats and beauty is a price the state can’t afford.”

Read the group’s entire press release.