Charlestown Selected for the Solarize Rhode Island Program

The Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources and Commerce RI have selected Charlestown to participate in a program to make solar energy more affordable to residents and small businesses, and to simplify the process of finding a contractor and installing solar panels for personal electric generation.

Solarize Charlestown will bring residents together as a group to negotiate the lowest cost and easiest deal possible on solar panels for their roof or yard. The sign-up period begins on June 7 and ends on September 8. This limited time period allows a bulk purchase of solar panels, so that the more people who sign up the less expensive it will be for each household.

Julie Carroccia (Town Council Vice President) and Ruth Platner (Planning Commission Chair) wrote the application to allow Charlestown to qualify for the program. Charlestown resident Jeff Rayner will serve as the “Solar Ambassador”. In the coming weeks Julie, Ruth, and Jeff will be reaching out to homeowners and businesses to explain the program.

If you’ve been thinking about adding solar panels to your home, Solarize Charlestown may make this the best year to make the decision to start producing your own electricity.

In the coming weeks we’ll be providing details about the program as they become available from the Office of Energy Resources. We’ll also be providing other information for homeowners such as the building permit process for solar that can be useful even if you are not interested in participating in the solarize program.

This program is for homeowners and small businesses to produce some or all of the electricity they use through net-metering. It is not intended for commercial production of electricity.

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