Charlestown Budget Hearing Monday May 1 at 7PM

The 2017-2018 Tentative Budget as adopted by the Town Council on April 10 is as follows:
Total Municipal Budget =  $13,603,364
Total CHARIHO Budget = $14,121,237 (already approved by voters in April)
Grand Total Municipal and Schools Expenditures = $27,724,601

The proposed budget is an increase 0f 0.44% from last year’s budget. Despite the small increase, the tax rate will decrease because property valuations have increased. The 2017/2018 tax rate is estimated to be $9.54 per thousand of property valuation.This is a 6.56% reduction in the tax rate.

Individual homeowner’s real estate taxes will vary based on the Revaluation results. Charlestown’s tax rate will continue to be among the lowest in Rhode Island.

Read the Budget Commission’s letter.

Monday night’s hearing at Town Hall is for the discussion of the proposed budget. The budget will go to the public for a vote at an all day referendum on June 5th.