Chariho Budget Hearing

What: The public hearing on the Chariho Regional School District’s 2017-2018 budget
When: Tuesday, March 7 at 7:30 pm
Where: Chariho Middle School Auditorium
Why: A minimum of 25 voters from each town are needed to create a quorum

The $57.2 million budget was approved by the School Committee on February 7 after budget cuts of  $311,000.

Charlestown would see an increase of 1.5 percent over last year. Charlestown will pay $14.3 million of the Chariho Budget. The school budget makes up more than half of Charlestown’s overall budget.

Each Chariho town must have 25 voters present to reach a quorum to vote on the budget. If a quorum is not achieved, the meeting will be postponed. Please try to attend this hearing.

Assuming a quorum is reached on Tuesday, the school committee will adopt the budget on March 14, and an all-day budget referendum will take place on April 11 in each town.

More information from the Chariho School website is available below.

Superintendent’s Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Presentation

Superintendent’s Budget Message

2017-2018 School Committee Approved Budget