Thank Governor and Langevin, Ask Reed and Whitehouse

If you haven’t yet written or called to thank Governor Raimondo and US Representative Langevin for their support in removing the Bypass from the NEC Future plan, please take the time to do that. You can use these addresses:

Please write or write again to Senators Reed and Whitehouse and the Federal Railroad Administration and ask them to join Governor Raimondo and Representative Langevin in their efforts to drop the Bypass.

If you are part of an organization, suggest to your organization that they write a letter too. If you already wrote once, you can write again if you have additional thoughts on this subject.

Be sure to include your name and address so they know where you are from.

Need ideas? Here’s one:

Supporting the removal of the Bypass doesn’t mean Raimondo, Langevin, or we are against improving high speed rail. The acela is already traveling around 100 miles per hour in Charlestown. Keeping the train in its current alignment would save over a billion dollars in Charlestown alone.

As Connecticut’s US Senator Richard Blumenthal pointed out in December, there are a lot of great ideas in the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) plan. An investment in rail is very welcome and overdue. But the cost of this plan is too high in terms of the environment and damage to historic communities. If only some of the money proposed for the FRA plan were invested in present rail structures, bridges, and rails we could achieve faster and safer rail travel now and not have to wait years for the FRA plan. If we were investing and improving now, we could achieve high-speed rail without the damage to the environment and communities.

For example, there are two road crossings that the train is still making in Stonington, putting citizens lives at risk with only seconds to get out of a stalled car before a train crosses the road. A bridge over the Connecticut River where the train must slow down to 35 miles per hour because of the poor condition of the bridge. These are changes we should be making now. The FRA plan is an unaffordable vision that lacks creativity. If they had a more practical vision we could get investment in rail in the right places and in the right way and we could get it a lot sooner.

Addresses for Postal mail if you’d like to send a hard copy letter:
Ms. Rebecca Reyes- Alicea
U.S. DOT- Federal Railroad Administration
One Bowling Green- Suite 429
New York, NY 10004

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse
170 Westminster St. Suite 200
Providence, RI 02903

Senator Jack Reed
1000 Chapel View Boulevard
Suite 290
Cranston, RI 02920-5602

Congressman Jim Langevin
300 Centerville Rd.
Suite 200 South
Warwick, RI 02886

Office of the Governor
Gina Raimondo
82 Smith St,
Providence, RI 02903

Need more inspiration for things to write about? Just read any of the CCA posts on this subject and you’ll get ideas.

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