Tell Us Or Town Hall if You Are Going to Rally – Help Us Get Everyone Else To Rally!

What can you do to help?

  • Get your friends and family to the State House Rally on Wednesday, January 25
  • Remember times for Rally
    • 2:00 pm if you are taking bus from Charlestown Town Hall
    • 4:00 pm last bus arrives at State House
    • 4:30 pm Rally starts
    • 6:00 pm board buses to return to Charlestown Town Hall
  • If you are going to the Rally,  send an email to or phone at (401) 364-1210 and reserve a seat for the bus or please just let the Town know you will meet them at the Rally if you are driving yourself.
  • Join our Facebook event set up for the Rally. If you have a Facebook account, go to the event link, say you are going (that is a pull down under “interested”) then go to the “share” tab and click on “invite friends” and then either select all your friends or click on any friends who are driving distance to Providence or Charlestown and then click on “send invites”
  • Tell your environmental, agricultural, and other organizations about the Rally. Ask them to share the Rally information with their members.
  • Write the FRA and every politician whose support we need and tell them to “Drop the Bypass”
  • Sign and share the petition against the Bypass.
Visit Our Railroad Page For More On This Issue