January 31 Deadline (extended now to Feb. 21) Is Getting Closer To Get Your Comments In

You’ve written comments on the petition, on Facebook, and here at our website, but if you haven’t yet written directly to the Federal Railroad Administration at their NEC Future address, now is the time to get that done. And you can also write to staff for our Congressional Delegation and Governor to make sure they know your concerns, thoughts, and view from down here on the ground.

It doesn’t matter if you speak as an expert or straight from your heart. If you have an opinion about the “Old Saybrook to Kenyon Bypass” please share it to all the addresses below. Of course if you are an expert, such as anything from a wildlife biologist, historic preservationist, to a Realtor, it doesn’t hurt to mention your expertise if you are speaking from that experience. If you are part of an organization, suggest to your organization that they write a letter too. If you already wrote once, you can write again if you have additional thoughts on this subject.

Be sure to include your name and address so they know where you are from.

Emails should be sent to all of the following:

Write to our Congressional Delegation and Governor, and please cc the Town address when you do that so we expand the record. The emails below are direct emails to their staff, but you can address these to Senator Reed, etc.

If you want to email them all at once this string will work:
info@necfuture.com, Christopher_Albert@reed.senate.gov, Karen_Bradbury@whitehouse.senate.gov, Seth.Klaiman@mail.house.gov, Helen.Manning@governor.ri.gov, Amtrak-Comments@charlestownri.org

Addresses for Postal mail if you’d like to send a hard copy letter:
Ms. Rebecca Reyes- Alicea
U.S. DOT- Federal Railroad Administration
One Bowling Green- Suite 429
New York, NY 10004

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse
170 Westminster St. Suite 200
Providence, RI 02903

Senator Jack Reed
1000 Chapel View Boulevard
Suite 290
Cranston, RI 02920-5602

Congressman Jim Langevin
300 Centerville Rd.
Suite 200 South
Warwick, RI 02886

Office of the Governor
Gina Raimondo
82 Smith St,
Providence, RI 02903

Need inspiration for things to write about? Just read any of the CCA posts on this subject and you’ll get ideas.

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