Charlestown’s Reusable Tote Bags Make a Great Christmas Gift

This summer, the Charlestown Town Council began to distribute reusable tote bags in an effort to reduce single-use plastic waste. The bags have proven hugely popular and would make a great gift. They can be purchased at Town  Hall.

Single-use plastic bags, the bags we are given to carry our purchases from a store, are a major source of plastic pollution, a health hazard to aquatic animals and an eyesore as litter along our roadways.

Recently retired Town Councilor George Tremblay spearheaded this green initiative. According to George, “Statistics on the environmental impact of disposable plastic can overwhelm our capacity to comprehend. Eight million tons of discarded plastic finds its way to the world’s oceans each year, a rate at which plastic waste will outweigh fish by 2050. Unfavorable economics limits recycling of these bags to only 5 percent.”

The Charlestown Town Council decided to ban single-use plastic bags from municipal properties, but against banning them town-wide. Instead, the council favored a program to subsidize the sale of reusable tote bags to discourage domestic consumption of single-use plastic bags.

The bags are available for sale at a very modest price at Charlestown Town Hall.