George Tremblay Lists Accomplishments of CCA Candidates

The following letter appeared in local newspapers and is shared with us here by the author George C. Tremblay. Mr. Tremblay is Vice President of the Charlestown Town Council.

While it is true that CCA-endorsed candidates filled all elective positions in Charlestown over the past two years, it is also true that they did not sit on their laurels. The following accomplishments of this council should win a vote of confidence in the current slate of candidates endorsed by CCA:

  • maintained a solid financial footing to meet future obligations, while holding our property-tax rate among the lowest in the state
  • promoted the highest quality of service from municipal employees through an effective and cooperative partnership between the Town Council and the Town Administrator
  • hired a permanent and experienced Town Planner to work with the elected Planning Commission and guide the mandatory revision of the town’s comprehensive plan
  • received some $4.5 million in federal grants through the efforts of department directors for maintenance of boating channels, salt marsh restoration, and potable water quality
  • negotiated a formula beneficial to Charlestown for financing the RYSE addition to the Chariho Middle School
  • approved the expenditure of bond funds for $1million in specific improvements of recreational facilities in Ninigret Park
  • acquired 27 acres of pristine open space along the Pawcatuck River in Carolina
  • broke ground on ChurchWoods after a six-year battle for funding. ChurchWoods is Charlestown’s new and only affordable-housing development dedicated to senior citizens. The ChurchWoods project, now under construction in the heart of town, will provide 24 one-bedroom rental units for eligible seniors
  • reduced the tangible tax and registration fee for all businesses, in an amount that eliminated tangible taxes for half of the 320 registered businesses in Charlestown
  • worked with Representative Blake Filippi and Senator Dennis Algiere to empower RIDEM to monitor and regulate fugitive dust from escaping the Bradford quarry site and compromising the health and welfare of nearby homeowners
  • contracted with the Partnership of Rhode Island Streetlights Management (PRISM) to save the town an estimated $18,000 in annual operating costs through purchase of streetlights and conversion to LED illumination. This is one of the “greenest” projects in municipal government. Applied statewide, it would reduce CO2 emissions by an estimated 31,500 tons per year. Council president Tom Gentz is president of PRISM.
  • promoted access to potable water by forming groups to monitor water quality, discourage excessive lawn fertilization, and reduce contamination from goose droppings. Our program for oiling eggs to limit the population of geese is estimated to spare our salt ponds 1.6 million lb of fecal contamination over the life of the birds
  • instituted a program to promote business for landscapers who commit to limited use of fertilizers for lawn care, thereby improving water quality for drinking and recreation
  • authorized funding to reduce solid waste from single-use plastic bags by subsidizing the purchase of reusable tote bags, and recruiting retailers to sell them at cost. Through the “Charlestown Green Consumer Initiative” about 1700 natural fiber tote bags, with their copyrighted Town of Charlestown logo, were sold over the summer months

This abbreviated record of achievements illustrates the work and dedication toward fiscal responsibility, civic pride, and environmental consciousness you can expect from CCA candidates for Town Council. Incumbent CCA candidates Virginia Lee, Denise Rhodes, and Bonnie Van Slyke, were instrumental in creating this record, and are seeking re-election. New candidates Julie Carroccia and Steve Williams attended most of the meetings of the current town council, and are well versed in its proceedings and obligations. As an outgoing town councilor, I thank you for the privilege of serving, and urge you to vote for my dedicated CCA colleagues.

George Tremblay