Charlestown Moraine Preserve Trail Maintenance Day

When: Saturday, November 5, at 9 a.m.
Where: Charlestown Moraine Preserve, Kings Factory Road (look for a parking lot just north of Rt. 1 on Kings Factory Road)
What: Help the volunteer Charlestown Conservation Commission with cleanup and trail maintenance

If you attend, please bring a pair of work gloves. If you want, you could bring loppers or a hand saw, but that is not necessary.

The Town of Charlestown has 6 major open space properties – the Charlestown Moraine Preserve, Richard Trails, South Farm, Schoolhouse Pond Preserve, Arnold Family Cedar Swamp Preserve, and the Patricia Sprague Preserve. The Charlestown Conservation Commission acts on behalf of the Town Council to develop trails and manage these Town properties. The first 4 properties are open for public use after developing trails for walking and other non-motorized recreation. We have begun the development of the Sprague Property trails and are working with Alan Arsenault to site and construct a parking lot.

The Conservation Commission members currently maintain the trails and the upkeep of the properties through individual efforts and sponsoring “Work Days” to bring together volunteers for cleanup and trail maintenance.

Please spread the word to your friends and neighbors about this volunteer opportunity.