Open Forum on R.Y.S.E. School Building Project

What: Open Forum with the Superintendent of Schools – questions, feedback, and special presentation on the RYSE building project
When: Monday, September 26, at 6:30 PM
Where: Charlestown Town Hall
Why: A referendum to fund the R.Y.S.E building will be on the November 8 ballot in Charlestown, Hopkinton, and Richmond

The R.Y.S.E. School serves at-risk and disabled Chariho Middle School and Chariho High School students. These students are educated in two specific programs, a clinical day program and an alternative learning program.

The R.Y.S.E. School currently serves approximately 55 students in a facility consisting of 26 portable trailers on the Chariho Campus. The temporary facility is more than 15 years old and is deteriorating.

The proposed R.Y.S.E. School Building Project will replace the portable trailers with a new permanent building.

The cost of the building is approximately $5.2 million. The final cost, after all reimbursements, will be shared by each town based upon student enrollment from that town. Based upon the current tax base of each town and expenditures costing $5.2 million, taxes in Charlestown will increase by $.04, taxes in Richmond will increase by $.10, and taxes in Hopkinton will increase by $.11.

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