Campaign Signs are Here – How You Can Help

In early spring we made a call for candidates. Eleven of you stepped forward to declare your willingness to run for local office.

Those eleven individuals are now busy running for election and introducing themselves to the voters of Charlestown. While they are hard at work, there are one or more ways you can lend a hand.

1.) Allow us to place a campaign sign on your road frontage. We’ll place the sign where you want it and then pick it up again after the election is over. Send us an email at to let us know how to contact you.

2.) Help the candidates finance their campaigns by making a campaign contribution. These candidates are running for volunteer positions. They are giving their time to get elected and will give even more time after election. To help support the campaigns of our endorsed candidates, you have the choice of an online donation using PayPal or you can send us a check using postal mail. Your donation will be used to help inform the public about our exceptionally well qualified candidates.

3.) Tell your Charlestown friends and neighbors about the election and candidates. Like us on Facebook, or share our website address, or recommend our e-mail lists. Charlestown deserves a government that will protect our quality of life, our low tax rate, and our beautiful environment, but good government requires an informed electorate, and we count on each of you to help us spread the word.

4.) Stay informed about the election at

Thank You for your generosity and commitment to good government!