Leo Mainelli

Leo has been a year round resident of Charlestown since 2000, but his ties to Charlestown date from childhood. He was born and raised in Providence, but has loved our coastal ponds since early childhood summer day trips spent fishing and scalloping.

Leo has an impressive record of public service in Charlestown and surrounding areas. He has served on many Town committees, he is active in local environmental groups, and has made a considerable effort to support and improve the Engineering programs at URI. Now Leo wants to give even more by volunteering for the elected position of Town Moderator.

Leo consistently treats others with respect, even-handedness, and civility, regardless of differing opinions. We are excited to endorse him again for the position of Town Moderator.

Leone D. Mainelli – Town Moderator

The town meeting is a form of direct democratic rule, used since the 17th century, in which the members of the community come together to legislate the budget for the local government. Charlestown keeps this bit of New England history alive in the position of Town Moderator. The Town Moderator acts as presiding officer at all regular and special Budget Public Hearings.

Leo was elected Moderator in 2014 and he has demonstrated the calm temperament and integrity needed to be an excellent Moderator. He is fair, clear, organized, informed, and inclusive. The Budget Public Hearing needs a Moderator who will facilitate an orderly meeting, not dominate it – the ability to chair complex meetings, the skills to assure the debate is open, and a broad knowledge of the major underlying issues.


  • Masters of Business Administration from the University of Hartford
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from URI

Professional Experience

  • Pratt & Whitney Engineering Department, Research and Development on aircraft engines
  • Pratt & Whitney Customer Service Regional Manager for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
  • He worked extensively with airlines, the Boeing Company, and Airbus

Public Service

  • Charlestown Town Moderator 2014 – present
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Salt Ponds CoalitionBoardLeo
  • Member, Charlestown Administrator Search Committee
  • Treasurer of CCA 2010 – 2014
  • He served as the Chairman of a town committee to review and update the senior tax code provisions in the Charlestown Town Charter
  • Member of the URI Engineering Advisory Committee
  • Member the Alumni Association Board of Directors for URI
  • URI Foundation Trustee
  • He was active for 25 years in local government in South Windsor, CT, including two terms elected to the Town Council, before moving to Charlestown
  • A veteran, he served in the Army Corps of Engineers and has an honorable discharge as a 1st Lieutenant


  • He and his wife Lita have four children
  • He is an active participant at St. Marys/St. James Church

On November 8th, please vote for Leone D. Mainelli for Charlestown Town Moderator