Who is Running for Elected Office in Charlestown

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The following people have declared for elected office in Charlestown:
Town Council (vote for 5)

  • Julie A. Carroccia (endorsed by CCA)
  • Virginia Lee (endorsed by CCA)
  • Denise L. Rhodes (endorsed by CCA)
  • Bonnita B. Van Slyke (endorsed by CCA)
  • Steven J. Williams (endorsed by CCA)
  • James Mageau * (withdrew – see below)
  • Robert Malin

Chariho School Committee Charlestown Representative (vote for 1)

  • Stephen M. Huzyk (endorsed by CCA – Mr. Huzyk is unopposed)

Town Moderator (vote for 1 )

  • Leone D. Mainelli (endorsed by CCA – Mr. Mainelli is unopposed)

Planning Commission (vote for 4 – our endorsed candidates are unopposed)

  • Lewis E. Johnson (endorsed by CCA)
  • Sherry D. Krukpa (endorsed by CCA)
  • Erin P. Russell (endorsed by CCA)
  • Frances M. Topping (endorsed by CCA)

*Jim Mageau has also filed papers to run against Blake Filippi for State Representative. It seems Mageau filed two declaration papers. The candidate declaration papers have the following statement, ” By signing and filing this Declaration of Candidacy, it is my express intention to withdraw any and all declarations of candidacy that I previously filed for any state or local public office during this current declaration period. I do so with full knowledge that any previously filed Declaration of Candidacy shall become null and void.” So whichever declaration Mageau filed last would seem to be the one that would be in effect. We’ll update this post when we hear the Secretary of State’s decision.

Update as of July 1st – The time stamps on the two declarations were the same somehow, but Jim Mageau has withdrawn from the declaration for State Representative and remains in the Town Council race.

Update as of July 2nd – Mr. Mageau withdrew from the Town Council race.