names Frosty Drew one of 3 places to see the Milky Way in New England

One-third of the world’s population can’t see the Milky Way, according to the Light Pollution Science and Technology Institute, a nonprofit in Italy that recently released an updated interactive world atlas documenting the global effects of light pollution. In the U.S., four out of five Americans live in an area where light pollution masks the night sky. found three easy-to-get-to places in New England with a great view of the Milky Way and listed Frosty Drew as number one! The other two were the much more remote Acadia National Park, in Maine, and East Blue Hill, also in Maine.

We are truly lucky to be able to see the night sky in Charlestown, and most of us just need to step outdoors at night and look up. If you want to see deeper into space, take a drive to Frosty Drew in Ninigret Park the next clear Friday night and take a look through their telescopes. It’s a lot closer than Maine!

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Banner image is a photograph of the Milky Way by Scott MacNeill taken at Frosty Drew.