Charlestown Bicycle Pathway Committee: ” May is Bike Month”

The Charlestown Bicycle Pathway Committee is working to create Bicycle Pathways in Charlestown, promote biking, and also raise awareness of issues related to biking.


YEA it’ spring and that means dusting off the bike and enjoying RI’s great scenic areas.

Lets take advantage of the pathways we have available statewide and explore RI by bike. Try this site; Rhode Island Department of Transportation has produced a wonderful site chuck full of exciting things to do, biking yes, but also recreational trails for the walkers, blue ways for kayak/canoes and did you know, if you are a AAA member bicycle roadside assistance is available as part of your membership! All there at this site for your enjoyment.

Another great website; shares riding events, day & night, lots of helpful suggestions for safe biking.

Rules of the Road: For the most part Rhode Island law treats bicycles as vehicles just like cars, motorcycles, limos etc. So, just like a driver, there are certain laws that you have a responsibility to follow. Here are the three most important for day-to-day cycling:

  • Ride to the right of the road; go with the traffic not against it. Drivers are used to looking a certain way to see if anyone is coming before they turn. Riding the wrong direction (against traffic) makes you more likely to get hit. As you ride with traffic keep to the far right of the lane you need to use. Ideally, try to give yourself about three feet between you and traffic and three feet on the other side between you and the parked cars. This way you can avoid dangers from either direction.
  • Obey all traffic laws. Just like a driver of an automobile you must follow traffic signals and road signs. Again, this is for your safety.
  • Use turn signals. But bicycles don’t come with turn signals! So use your hands. The signals will help drivers predict where you’re going next.

May 20th is ride to work day, some of us actually could…how about ride to school….time to dust off the bike check the brakes, gears, tires, grab the helmet and enjoy spring.

Charlestown Bicycle Pathway Committee
Faith LaBossiere, Chair

If you want to get involved with the Charlestown Bicycle Pathway Committee give Faith a call at (401) 364-6400