Organic Lawn Care Workshop Delivered Step by Step Guidance

In an hour and a half on Thursday (April 7) evening at the Cross’ Mills Library, Frank H. Crandall III of Horticultural Solutions, LLC, offered homeowners and lawn care professionals the opportunity to come to terms with the relatively new Charlestown Recommended Landscaper Process.  He moved quickly through the fact that he supported the limitation of two pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft. per year on coastal lawns to its implementation.

Crandall provided each participant with a notebook filled with resources. He directed the audience to each handout and emphasized the importance of determining accurately the size of the lawn and how much nitrogen was in a respective fertilizer.  He provided formulas for calculating the amount of fertilizer to use based on the number of applications per year and even provided a handout to address how to adjust the setting on many rotary spreaders so that the proper amount of fertilizer would be applied over the entire area to be treated.  He added emphatically,

Yes, this is work, and you may need a scale to weigh the fertilizer, but doing this right is worth it.

A past education committee chair of the Northeast Organic Farming Association, Crandall shared his preference for organic fertilizers that promote the health of the soil and for slow release, water insoluble nitrogen.  He also encouraged those in attendance to restrict their use of any fertilizer to the legal limit on the label.

Crandall ended his presentation with a slides of marginal coastal lawns that were transformed into lush, green, healthy lawns through aeration and composting.  He also provided attendees with samples of his seed mix.

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