Chariho Budget Hearing

What: The public hearing on the Chariho Regional School District’s 2016-2017 budget
When: Tuesday, March 1 at 7:30 pm
Where: Chariho Middle School Auditorium
Why: A minimum of 25 voters from each town are needed to create a quorum

The $55.4 million budget was approved by the School Committee on February 9 after budget cuts of nearly $400,000.

Charlestown will pay $14.1 million of the Chariho Budget. The school budget makes up more than half of Charlestown’s overall budget. Charlestown’s contribution is reduced in this budget due to a lower percentage of students enrolled from Charlestown this year.

Each Chariho town must have 25 voters present to reach a quorum to vote on the budget. If a quorum is not achieved, the meeting will be postponed. Please try to attend this hearing.

Assuming a quorum is reached on Tuesday, the school committee will adopt the budget on March 8, and an all-day budget referendum will take place on April 5 in each town.

More information from the Chariho School website is available below.

Superintendent’s Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Presentation

Superintendent’s Budget Message

2016-2017 School Committee Approved Budget