Friends of National Wildlife Refuge Annual Birdseed Fundraising Event

It’s time for the Friends Annual Birdseed Fundraising event. This event raises money to keep the birdfeeders at Trustom Pond and Kettle Pond Visitor Center filled during the long, dark, snow covered days of winter.

This year we are asking you for a donation, of any amount.  We will buy the food, store it, and keep the feeders filled. When you come to the Refuges and see the birds feeding and the squirrels and chipmunks raiding the feeders you will know your donation is at work.

So make out a check, print and fill in the linked form, tear it off and mail it to the address indicated. Or you can leave it with the volunteer at the Kettle Pond or Trustom Pond desk.

Thank you so much for your donation. When you visit us at the Refuge and see the animals around the feeders listen carefully, for they will be thanking you as well.

Please mail your contribution before November 1st.


Richard N. Thieke, President, Friends of the National Wildlife Refuges of Rhode Island

Thomas J. Tetzner, Board Member, Friends of the National Wildlife Refuges of Rhode Island