Call your senators and help defend critical funding for trails, walking, and biking.

We received the following from the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, and it seems timely as Charlestown considers beginning the first phase of a bike path.

The full United States Senate is gearing up to vote on its version of a transportation bill—and an attack on funding for trails, walking and biking has surfaced.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) has introduced an amendment that eliminates the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)—the nation’s largest dedicated source of funding for trails, walking and biking. This program also funds the Recreational Trails Program (RTP) and helps people stay healthy, get outdoors, and support our local economy.

Trails, protected bikeways, sidewalks, crosswalks and safe routes to school are essential parts of our transportation system—and TAP helps fund thousands of these projects across the country.

But Sen. Lee has introduced an amendment (S.A. 2280) to eliminate this program.

Congress has debated transportation legislation over the past month and the Senate could vote on this legislation as early as this weekend. Call our Rhode Island senators using the information below:

Consider a short message such as this:
“My name is (your name) from Charlestown, and I’m calling about the Senate’s transportation bill. Please support funding for the Transportation Alternatives Program, or TAP, and the Recreational Trails Program (RTP) within it. I ask that my senator vote against Sen. Mike Lee’s amendment (S.A. 2280) and any other attempts to eliminate TAP and funding for walking, biking or recreational trails. We should be supporting these modes of transportation, not limiting them. Thank you.”

Thanks for doing what you can for walking, biking and trails in our town—and across the country!