Italian Exchange Student Needs Host Family Without Animal Dander

Many Charlestown families have hosted exchange students over the years, but Cultural Homestay International (CHI) has a challenge of finding a home for an exchange student who is allergic to both cats and dogs.

A pet dander-free Rhode Island home is needed for an Italian student for this coming year, OR a family to “welcome” her for the first two months.

Cristina from Italy will be 16 on arrival and in the 12th grade.  Cristina says that she hopes “that when hearing my name again after the exchange is over a smile will appear in your face remembering your Italian daughter!”  Cristina’s father is Italian and her mother is Polish, so she knows about several cultures.  She also says, “I am very competitive, brave and curious, sometimes a bit daring but also kind and polite.”  Cristina likes sports, such as jogging, skiing and martial arts, but she also enjoys reading and discussing ideas.  Both she and her parents describe her as “intellectually curious.”  As such, she is a great student and has strong English.  She is allergic to cats and dogs and cannot live in a house with animals indoors.

Students come with health insurance, spending money and the desire to experience American culture.  Host families volunteer to provide room, board and an American family experience.  Local support is provided to students and families and the local school, which the students attend.

If you might consider hosting Cristina, please let Judith Chick at CHI know.  Please feel free to share this with others.  If you know someone who might consider it, CHI would be happy to follow up.  You can reach out to Judy at