Greenway Corridors Possible with Passage of Question 1

Photo by Frances Topping
Photo by Frances Topping

Charlestown contains about a dozen open space properties, some are large like the Carter Preserve and others are very small like Pawaget Park. Some of these properties are already connected to each other, but others stand as protected oases surrounded by land available for development. Creating greenways that serve as both recreational trails and wildlife corridors that connect as many as possible of our existing open space properties could be achieved with passage of Question 1 on the June 1 Budget Referendum.

Open space connections do not have to be expensive to acquire. They often only require a strip of property to bridge a gap between two larger preserves.

For wildlife, this corridor can be invaluable if it connects an upland park to one associated with a water body. For people, the connection can mean an opportunity for a longer hike across two open space properties or an opportunity to connect neighborhoods to parks.

Greenway corridors can connect recreational, cultural and natural areas. They provide environmental protection, recreation values, increase property values, decrease town expenditures, and promote a stronger sense of local community.

Please vote “YES” on Question 1, in the June 1 Referendum in Charlestown. Your Vote will Preserve and Protect Charlestown’s Open Space for Generations to Come.