Location Map – New Feature for our Open Space Guide

We’ve added a location map to the Open Space Guide that shows the open space access points in the context of the whole town.

This is a volunteer effort so we are taking advantage of a Google application in this case and not using a map of our own creation. Google maps isn’t fully up to date in identifying park land in Charlestown so you’ll notice some of the markers aren’t attached to a green patch on the map. There really is public land next to those markers!

You can see the whole guide at Guide to Public Recreation/Conservation Areas in Charlestown Rhode Island

Location Map for Charlestown Open Space Parking and Access

  • Click on a map marker to expand a text box with information about this location.
  • Map markers are located at parking lots or drives that lead to parking. Parking lots range from large lots to very small parking areas for just a few cars.
  • Parking is usually located at trail heads with access to hiking trails.