Charlestown Open Space Galleries

Please share your photos of Charlestown’s natural areas with us. Send your photos to and we’ll add them to these galleries and give you attribution.

Click on any photo to open a gallery for that park. Follow the linked name of the park to learn more and find directions.

Patricia Sprague Forest Preserve

Francis C. Carter Memorial Preserve

Great Swamp Wildlife Management Area

Pasquiset Pond Preserve

South Farm Preserve

Richard Trails

Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge Lewis Trail

Mill Pond Preserve

School House Pond Preserve

Burlingame State Park and Wildlife Management Area

Charlestown Moraine Preserve

Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge North (Kettle Pond)

Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge South (Salt Pond)

Ninigret Park

Pawaget Park

Ninigret Conservation Area

Charlestown Breachway

Charlestown Beach