Tomaquag Museum Presents Podcast Learning Series

Tomaquag Museum is pleased to announce its forth coming video podcast learning series “Indigenous Artways”.

Launching on Sunday, January 25, 2015, this weekly podcast series will expose viewers to Indigenous arts, artisans, history, and culture. The Indigenous Artways podcast series will launch with its first five episodes covering the making of dream catchers filmed by Lydia Rogers, a past volunteer. Lorén Spears, Tomaquag Museum’s Executive Director, will demonstrate how to make a dream catcher and discuss its origin. Then it will be followed by a series of interviews with five Narragansett artists filmed by Lynsea Montanari, Narragansett, in partnership with Dana Neugent from the University of Rhode Island.

“We are very excited about the Indigenous Artways podcast series created with our new Marketing Associate, Michael Johnson. It is a wonderful way to share to a wider audience Indigenous arts of southern New England tribes such as the Narragansett, Wampanoag, Mohegan & Pequot,” said Spears.

Podcasting is a very engaging experience,” stated Johnson. “Viewers can expect deeply engaging content delivered automatically to any mobile device of their choice.”

A podcast is typically audio or video content that is delivered to a person through an electronic subscription process called a “rss feed”. “Think of it like a magazine subscription that you would receive by mail” said Johnson. “It is a similar process, only you use a mobile app to automatically handle the download process.

Each weekly episode will be led by Lorén Spears, Narragansett, and will also feature guest artists, musicians, and storytellers from around the region including nationally known Narragansett storyteller Paulla Dove Jennings.

The Museum’s website will also host each video episode for those that would like to watch the online, as well as on its You Tube channel for added flexibility for the viewers. There will also be an instructional video that explains how to subscribe to the podcast series on our website.

While the Indigenous Artways podcast episodes will always be free, Tomaquag Museum will graciously accept donations via crowd funding to promote support for our podcast series, museum programs, and next steps in our new home planning.

For more information, visit the museum’s website at: