CCA New Year’s Message

The Charlestown Citizens Alliance thanks the voters for their support of our candidates during the past election. We are confident that the newly elected Charlestown Town Council members and planning commissioners will strive to achieve the type of government that the citizens of our town expect and deserve.

Your support sends a strong message to all public officials, not only in Charlestown but also in the neighboring communities.

Charlestown is serious about responsible governance; it wants benefits for all the citizens; it wants sufficient high quality service without levying burdensome taxes; it wants to protect the environment enjoyed by all from irresponsible industrial practices; it wants the right of self-governance preserved; it wants high quality educational practices and facilities for its children; it wants economic growth based on our strengths and on what we do best; and a social atmosphere that fosters cooperation.

As we progress into a new year, the members of the Charlestown Citizens Alliance reaffirm our commitment to our neighbors to support high quality, responsible government. We will continue to be the vanguard of ethical leadership and welcome all who wish to participate in keeping Charlestown the most beautiful town in Rhode Island.

Finally, we wish all a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

Virginia Wootten, President, Charlestown Citizens Alliance