RI Ethics Commission dismisses a last-minute complaint filed by Donna Walsh’s campaign

We received the following press release from Rhode Island Representative Blake Filippi.

Blake Filippi

BLOCK ISLAND RI, DECEMBER 1ST – Independent House District 36 Representative-Elect Blake Filippi released the following statement in response to the Ethics Commission’s dismissal of a last-minute complaint filed by Will Collette, campaign volunteer for incumbent Representative Donna Walsh, regarding Filippi’s advocacy in the Rhode Island Liberty Coalition.

“I’m happy the Ethic’s Commission treated this complaint as the baseless filing it was, and dismissed it outright,” stated Filippi. “The Rhode Island Liberty Coalition was a website I created to publish state-level legislation to preserve our due process rights. It was never a separate business entity and therefore was not within the purview of the Ethics Commission. The Ethics Commission is a critical state body and I applaud its refusal to be used as a political tool,” said Filippi.

Collette’s complaint was filed on October 28, 2014 and was summarily dismissed on November 5, 2014. The appeal period has now expired.

Describing his work for the Rhode Island Liberty Coalition, Filippi “published a model state law in response to the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. That law purports to authorize the Federal Government to indefinitely detain domestic U.S. citizens, without trial or charge,” said Filippi. “The legal construct I proposed is based on the anti-commandeering doctrine, and prevents state resources from being utilized to assist the Federal Government’s implementation of these indefinite detention provisions. Both California and Virginia have now refused to provide such state level resources, and those laws passed with broad bi-partisan support.”