Invocation for the Ceremonial Swearing In of the Town Council

The following invocation was delivered by the Reverend Jan Knost at the November 17, 2014 swearing in of the Charlestown Town Council. Reverend Knost is an elected member of the Charlestown Planning Commission and the Interim Minister of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of South County

for the Swearing In Ceremony
of the Town Council
of the Town of Charlestown, RI

Jan V. Knost
Jan Knost

You know, friends, this evening we are again taking a great deal for granted. We just assume that these fine people we’ve duly elected to office will do so without any personal sacrifice. We seem, in each electoral cycle to jump to that conclusion. But it seems to me that we need to hold in mind a great, great deal of gratitude for their willingness to spend hours and days of their time and evenings when they could be home, doing the important work of making decisions in the best interests of our community. So let us keep that thought in mind as we offer our praise and our thanks. Ladies and Gentlemen, I invite you to join me in a spirit of prayer and meditation. Let us pray.

Dear God of Many Names, known by many signs throughout this beautiful world, we pause at the beginning of this singular celebration to invoke Thy blessings upon these our chosen leaders and the wonders of our lovely town. May the year ahead provide this Council and our other elected leaders with the ability to confront the challenges that will inevitably come and to do so in the best interests of this exceptional community here on the south coast of the ocean state.

May they continue to remember the high interests of the principles which they pledged to serve during the recent election, and may their future meetings continue to be typified by words that we all hold dear — words like patience, courage, civility, honesty, forbearance and loyalty to the goals of the citizens of Charlestown.

In the name of all that is holy in the life of humanity, we bow our heads in humility and praise.

— Reverend Jan Vickery Knost November 17, 2014